Are you good?

Frequently people are told they are good or bad, and sometimes the people doinng the telling have good intention and are wrong, have bad intentions and are wrong, or may actually be right. There is a signficiant loss of power when we let someone else tell us if we are good or bad – we need a quick method to do an internal check.

Here is my 5 finger test for if you are “Good”.

  1. Did you kill anyone? If no, then good
  2. Did you deliberately hurt anyone? If no, then good
  3. If you accidentally actually hurt someone did you apologise and work out ways to do better? If yes, then good
  4. If someone needs actual help, and you had some spare resource, did you offer to help? If yes, then good
  5. Were you generally polite and pleasant to people? If yes, then good

If you got “good” on all 5, then you are a good person

If you got “no” on 1 or more, you have some work to do

Alt text is the same as above