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This is the recommended Mental Health Book List, podcasts and videos from other providers.


“How to ADHD”, Jessica McCabe

How to ADHD by Jessica McCabe book cover

Jessica McCabe was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 12. She was only receiving support via medication for her childhood. As an adult, when she moved out of home, she discovered that there was far more to being a person in society than medication and hope, so she began to look for helpful information for adults, only to find that most of the common information was aimed at parents supporting children.

“How To Keep House While Drowning”, K.C. Davis

Good for moving away from the “I need to be better at cleaning” mindset and is mostly about self-compassion. Author is an ADHDer and a therapist, and the book includes a ‘shortcut’ for pages to read if your attention span is limited.

“Unmasking Autism”, Dr Devin Price

Unmasking Autism by Dr Devon Price book cover

Currently the most recommended book on understanding autism, by a person who studies autism, who is autistic. This is aimed at non-experts.

McCabe reviewed the academic literature and ADHD forums looking for clues and began her “How to ADHD” YouTube channel. This book encapsulates most of her useful findings in an ADHD Friendly format.



A clue to if you have ADHD, and a channel dedicated to what to do about it

How to ADHD by Jessica McCabe and her team. This is the YouTube Channel with many articles on the ADHD experience and what you can do about it.


Below are a collection of Mental Health Videos that we’ve found useful and have referred some people to.

[Link] to the Joshua Davidson Video Page

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) myths, some clues about what it is

Anxiety is a Superpower

Where Anxiety is a Superpower

Biological Sex – the non binary of identity

A very good break down of how human sex is not binary

Sleep – how to tick off the things we can address

Sleep help – steps to follow prior to going to bed, steps to follow once you are in bed.
While the title implies 2 minutes, to reach that takes training. The video talks about how to train that skill.

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