We have created a number of videos at our YouTube Channel [link] about mental various aspects of mental health. We have listed some of these below.

We also have a page with links to External Content Videos [link] that might interest you. These are either quick summaries, experts in their fields or inspiring ideas about mental health.

Knowledge – the key to understanding and changing yourself

In this video [link] we cover why knowing and understanding yourself is useful. We also have a text version here [link].

Change Playlist

Knowing how to change yourself is important. We have created a video playlist here [link], where we cover the topics:

  • Understanding Change
  • Grief and Loss

Emotions Playlist

We feel and emote our feelings. When they are in alignment of the situation, this is useful and good. Sometimes they are not, or they reach levels that disable us from better solutions. This can create issues. In this video playist [link] we delve into how to recognise, manage and use our feelings.