ADHD Gets a Pretty Bad Wrap

ADHD gets a pretty hard wrap, mostly because it is diagnosed based on their ADHD brains are not going well. We very rarely assess people for ADHD when their ADHD brains are working for them.

So here is what it looks like when ADHD works well.

Other things that I would add as modern pros:
* Fantastic creativity, which is often expressed in art or new solutions
* Excellent in a crisis situation
* Can be expressed in boundless energy and enthusiasm
* Highly empathic, can sense the moods of others well
* Fantastic supporters of others
* Willing to take risks to get the job done

Modern cons:
* Finds it hard to follow other people’s methods/rules
* Boring and repetitive is hard
* Can be expressed in difficulties getting going and getting on with things
* Can mistake someone else’s problems as something they have to fix
* Finds it hard to say no to others
* Often takes unnecessary risks

Remeber folks, ADHD is a difference in brain and is only a disorder if it gets in your way. Often a combination of medication and skills can help at that point.

Image credit: Hostile Popcorn