Consent is very important.

Top panel: Hedghog asks "Hey, did you ever end up asking that girl out?"
Fox replies"Yeah, she said no. But it's okay. I have a plan."
Bottom panel: Hedgehog says "What's your plan?"
Fox replies "I'm gonna leave her alone because she already said no."
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“No” is a complete sentence.

“No” is personal.

“No” is the assumed answer until a clear and willing “yes” is given. If you aren’t sure what the signal is, assume “no”, clarify if that was the correct interpretation. While you may politely enquire why “no”, you can’t push. Pushing to a “yes” is violating consent.

My “no” can stop you from affecting me, but it can’t stop you from not affecting me. For example, I can say “no” to you giving me a cup of coffee, but I can’t say “no” to you drinking your own coffee.

For more, take a look at our page “Consent – Fundamentally Easy” [LINK].

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