Doing is not being – Who am I

We humans wish to control or influence our environment to increase our safety and maximise our comfort. When we can’t do this, we feel incapable, question our ability and have issues with our identity and ego. In short, we feel powerless, anxious and depressed. We lose ourselves in our mad scrambling of doing and forget who we are. Who am I?

Remember that we are Human Beings, not human doings.

Our “being” is not defined by _what_ we do, but rather by _why_ we do. When we get back to this “why”, we get a closer glimpse of what drives us, about what kind of person we are and if we like that person. It informs what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

So first of all, work out who you are as a being – what is the you that informs your life?

Often we do things because we “should”, or someone tells us to. What are we telling ourselves? Find this core you and you find why you are doing what you doing, and that leads to greater contentment with your life.