You can lead a horse to water…

You know the old saw about the horse?

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”

It is a good saying when thinking about aiding someone else in their personal evolution.

We often think we know the best water, the best source and the best way to drink. That may be true for us, and it may even be true for someone else, but if you push them to do it your way, then they don’t own that process and have a fair chance of rebelling against your rules, your system and your truth. So instead, consider this new variant of the saw:

“You can lead a horse to water, but trying to make it drink is a foolish waste of energy”

This reminds you to let the horse drink if it is thirsty, in it’s way, at it’s time. It also reminds you not to be foolish or waste your strength trying to make the horse do it your way.

Now consider this variant:

“You can’t make the horse drink, but you can lead it to water”

This variant takes out your own powerlessness, which decreases your frustration in the circumstance where the horse doesn’t want to drink. You don’t have to make it drink, but you can lead it to the water.

“The horse can drink when it wants to, and you can point out where there is water”

The power in this variant is two fold. You acknowledge that the horse has choice to do or not, as it sees fit. It also demonstrates that you are only showing a way, but acknowledging there are other sources, and thus different ways.

See what works for you.