The Perfect Tree

Imagine if you will, a seed It is full of potential. You plant it and it grows – from seed, to sprout, sapling, juvenile tree and then to a full adult.

Eventually it flowers and drops it’s own seeds, which grow and become a forest.

The tree grows old, loses branches, becomes weathered and cracked, but still it nurtures its young, dropping leaves that compost and become fertiliser, draws up water from the depths that its children can drink.

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The tree harbours life – insects, mammals and birds, all of which play their part in the ecology. The cracks and crevices provide hiding places for the various animals, which live, pollinate and fertilise the environment.

Eventually the tree dies, falls and becomes yet more places for creatures to live, fertilises the soil and new trees take its place.

My question for you is from seedling to death… when was this plant the real thing? When was it’s best representation of a plant?

Was it the potential in the seed, or the accomplishments of the life of the plant? Was it when it had the most cracks and character such that it could harbour the most life, or before it was weather damaged and looked like an ideal picture?

I contend that the tree was always good, always the real plant. Each day of its life was the best day of its life.

When are you the best you, the true you? Was it at conception? Will it be your dying breath? Will it be when and if you bring life into this world? Or save another’s life? Will it be on your hardest day, or your best day?

I contend that you are the real and best you right now. And now. And also…. Now.

And you will be great tomorrow too. Older, grown and more wise. And wonderful.

We sometimes look back on our lives and think that we walked through failure and that makes us failures now. 

But this is wrong. 

To become good at anything, first we must start out terrible at it. 

We gained cracks, and weathering, and crevices, and this enabled us to harbour the life of others… and this makes us good. These experiences gave us wisdom and experience to learn from, from which we can grow and become mighty.

And they were hard, they were terrible and they hurt.

But we are good. We are wonderful. Right now.

And tomorrow you will grow and be even more amazing..

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