Personal resource management

We humans react in different ways to different things, however this gives you some ideas about what to expect and what some of the traps are depending on where you are at verses stress.

Dead – nothing to do except go through the pockets looking for loose change… No resources available. This is the thing to avoid.

Crisis – A thing is happening right now that means you might die, so you have to get through this. Can last from minutes to a few hours. After that, it isn’t really a crisis and you have time to think, plan and resource. A misstep in crisis is critical, so resource management is often wasteful, the real cost of the thing is hard to determine because we are more focused on “will it keep me alive” than “what is the real cost of this to me later”. Any person who keeps you alive is someone you’ll use, regardless of the cost.

Survival – Trying to get through to tomorrow or the day after. Might have vague plans for next week, but really, it’s all about getting through today to get to tomorrow. There is time to think and plan, but the plans are about tomorrow. Resource management is poor because there is no point being frugal if you die. Solutions are survivable or just good enough rather than optimal. You will often attract people who will take advantage of you because you depend on them to survive.

Coping – waiting for the next pay day and trying to work out how to get to it. Often the timescape is about 14 days. Anything past that is ephemeral, while things within that are more concrete. You can take risks with your resources because dropping down to survival won’t kill you, it just sucks. This means you don’t have to put everything into getting through to tomorrow, so you can save a bit for later. You begin to weed out people who are abusive.

Managing – month to a few years worth of planning. Resource allocation is quite efficient, but you have enough daily costs that you need to continuously work to get things paid. Life is a grind, but it is a fairly pleasant and low risk grind. You have the resources to manage a few semi-abusive people because of some of the benefits of having those people in your life, but mostly your associates are positive and nice people.

Thriving – assets are paid off, you don’t really need to work much, the people you associate with are prosperous, life is good.